Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Discerning the Nature of the Enemy

Pastor Malone teaches that in this Christian walk the enemy is busy trying to distract the elect from the true message of Jesus Christ and one of the ways that he does this is by placing false prophets or "spiritual wolves" inside the church. From our lesson we learned three things.

First, the nature of the wolf is ravenous or never satisfied. Meaning his intent is not to get you to fall, or stumble on your spiritual walk once. His intent is to make your fall again, and again, and again, and again (Matthew 24:24, Rev 19:20). His purpose is to torment you into believing God does not love you and when he is proven to be a liar he still tries to keep you under his authority by making you fall over and over again.

Secondly, this wolf looks just like you. He has hid the true intentions of his evil intentions from you so you will not see them on the outside so to truly find out if he is a sheep or a wolf you must seek to understand and examine his inner man. When we look at this we must understand that there is a difference is a person trying to live holy versus this false prophet. Romans 7:25 lets us know that Christ has come to set us free from the law of sin in our flesh to the law of the new birth in our spirits in Christ Jesus. However these false prophet are found in Ezekiel 22: 25-28 who care nothing for the people of God only themselves.

Lastly, their actions and living must be tested not their words (1 (John 4:1-4). We need to do more that just look at their fruit we must try and taste the fruit. Some apples can look pleasing on the outside but be rotten in the middle! We are in a day and time in the church when lip service will not do. We must live holy for He is holy. As my old pastor used to say, "Holiness is still right!" It is a necessary mandate from God that if we want to be counted as the sheep of His field we must live like it. The wolf will set himself apart because his very nature wil

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