No Eye Has Seen

No Eye Has Seen is meant to illustrate how the Lord has a wonderful plan for every one of us. He has plans to proper you, not to harm you. God can turn around anything that happened in your past. But you must put your trust in God, be obedient and submit to His plan. Realize that you are in good hands in the hands of God. Lyrics:No eye has seen; no ear has heardOoooohhNo mouth has ever utteredOoooohhNo heart, no mind has imaginedOoooohhThe plans that He made for meOoooohhOh loving Father prepares a waySo great, so higher than words can say! He slowly reveals to my spiritSomething so real, I almost fear it! It is a mystery: the wisdom of the KingNot even history foretells what He will bringNo eye has seen; no ear has heard!OoooohhThe plans that He made for meOoooohh

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