Freddie Pierce - Christian Comedian, Ventriloquist

One of America's most sought after Christian comedians and inspirational speakers, Freddie Pierce offers a mixture of side splitting humor and encouragement which excites and enriches audiences of all ages at youth events, churches, associations, corporations and schools. He is a throwback and an original at the same time. Freddie is a wildly popular "G" rated Christian comedian in a "R" rated world, entertaining the broad sensibilities of people from every background there is, touching on what we have in commom as well as the issues that bind us as families, neighbors, friends, communities and as a nation. Freddie has been making people laugh, cry and think for over 20 years. He does this through his unique talents of over 150 celebrity impersonations, ventriloquism, singing and what freddie calls, "Visual-Parables". Freddie has been called, "A Missionary Comedian" as well as "The Evangelist Of Hope And Humor". He and his, "Wooden-American" side kick "Deacon" Earl had their own radio show for three years and were heard daily around the world by way of the internet. Also over the past 20 years, Freddie has spoken to well over a half a million people across the United States and in other countries. He's performed on stage at "the Grand Old Opry" in Nashville and his audiences have included Presidents Reagan and Bush, over 80,000 people at a single event and as the chaplain speaker for the San Francisco 49ners prior to an "ABC Monday Night Football Game". Most important to Freddie though, is his Christian walk and his inclusion as a "Lifetime Member Of The Gideons International". These are the men who distribute Bibles around the world, best know in hospitals, hotels and motels. His goals are to effectively reach people for Christ through his God-given and God-called ministry gifts; to benefit people in need of hope, humor, faith and love; to encourage the downtrodden,

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