Henry Bullis shares how he became born again, and how the Lord worked in his life after that, in Part 1 of his testimony. The remainder of his testimony focuses in on the many crucial differences between RELIGION verses RELATIONSHIP. Are you aware that God wants each of us to have a personal, meaningful relationship with Him? A close, intimate, vibrant, real relationship with Him? Henry discovered this over time. If you have tried RELIGION, and there was no excitement or joy for you in it, but rather just a bunch of DO THIS or DO NOT DO THATS, we encourage you to do yourself a HUGE favor and listen to this precious testimony. Religion will choke out a meaningful relationship with God. It will wear you out and eventually down. It will place a choke-hold around your spiritual neck and slowly squeeze until you die spiritually. Not only will it kill your true joy and love with and for God, you can unknowingly pass it along to others so it can steal THEIR love and joy for God as well. Jesus Christ did NOT have RELIGION with His 12 Apostles nor did they have RELIGION with Jesus. They had a close, intimate RELATIONSHIP with Him. So why would He want anything different for you and I? Through the Holy Spirit, you and I can have every bit as much an intimate relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ as any other person ever has had, or will have. God desires that we hunger for it. Do you hunger for it more than anything else? If not, more than likely you will never experience it. But if you DO desire it, then do not wait until tomorrow to start asking and trusting God for it. We encourage you to start NOW!

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