Kiotr - Fool for Love

WOW...I've been on a Kiotr RAMPAGE for the past few weeks. Look where it got me....Oh well, what can I say.

Yes, I know there's not much Kiotr in XME, but I really wanted clips, and I managed. (Besides, I really loathe Lancitty. *vomits*)

Anyways, I used mostly X-Men Evo clips, with a few random comic book pictures thrown in there. (Since I'm loyal to the comic books too, and there's more Kiotr in there than in XME, unfortunately). But YAY my Kiotr video has CLIPS!!!

This was inspired by this video, which I highly recommend for all Romy fans--?v=xQmV7nO5_iY.

The coupling is Kiotr. That would be Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) and Piotr/Peter Rasputin (Colossus). The clips are from X-Men Evolution, which belongs to Marvel. own nothing.

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