WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES! Jerry Wilkerson Testimony: Prt 1 of 5

WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES!  Jerry Wilkerson Testimony: Prt 1 of 5

Jerry Wilkerson was exposed to Christianity in his younger years, but by the time he was in his teens, he gave himself to rebellion against God and human authority, and he began to associate with friends who took great pleasure in breaking the law and watching blood flow from their victims. With his law-breaking came drugs and alcohol, and %#$%ual promiscuity. Jerry and his friends were societys rebels, and were very proud of it. Violence became not only his way of life; it became excitement to them as it is to most who get caught up in it. It was nothing for Jerry and his friends to rob 5 to 20 homes in a single night. One time Jerry decided to go gambling. A friend began to interfere, and Jerry shot him, having no remorse. Then at a later time, the tables were turned, and it was time for Jerry to be shot. By a close friend, no less! Jerry should have died from that shooting. Emergency people were certain he would not stay alive long. Family was notified that he was not expected to live. Yet by the mercy of God, Jerry miraculously did survive, and was given a space of time to get his life right with God. Even when Jerry did get his life right with God, tragedy after tragedy visited him. It was the will of God that Jerry learn a very, very difficult thing. Jerry learned that no matter what pain a Christian goes through; no matter how bad the tragedy might be, there is only ONE thing to do: KEEP BEING THANKFUL and KEEP PRAISING GOD! You may being going through a major trial of your own right now. Or maybe your story is one where you have experienced painful trial after painful trial, and you are wondering WHY God is allowing these things to happen in your life. Jerry has learned a multi-trillion dollar lesson when it comes to spiritual matters. Anyone can stay a Christian when God keeps bringing blessing after blessing, which He often-times does. But what if YOU happened to be in the category where Job was? What IF God allows Satan to sift YOU like wh