Fr. Jerry Orbos and Child Healer Fatima Soriano

Fr. Jerry Orbos celebrates the Holy Eucharist and performs healing services with the Little Angel Maria Fatima Soriano who sings in this video taken at the Our Lady of Peace Church on Sept. 5, 2008, a day before the Holy Mass at Our Lady of the Valley in Los Angeles. Their next stop is San Francisco area and then San Diego. Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, knows that a miracle happens in every Mass, but when he gave communion to Korean visionary Julia Kim on three occasions and it turned into the visible body and blood of Christ he asked for forgiveness for the many times he took communion for granted and came to a greater appreciation of the depth and privilege of being a priest. The special message of the Eucharistic phenomena, Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD said, simply was to make us know the importance of Mass and communion. We must pray the Mass. Jesus is really present there. We must feel Him. Don't rush the Mass, don't make it automatic. Although he served in Korea as a mission priest for four years, he met the visionary Julia Kim when he went back to Korea for a pilgrimage from his native Philippines.

Fatima arrived in the U.S. on April 2008 and settled down in San Diego. Fifteen years old Fatima, blind from birth, underwent daily dialysis five times every day of her early life while waiting for a kidney transplant. She just had a successful transplant and is now off dialysis. She is still blind but continues to be an inspiration to those who see her as guest on various television and radio shows, especially on Fr. Jerry Orbos' shows. In Fr. Orbos healing Masses in Vancouver, Canada, people were falling, "slain in the Spirit" whenever she prayed over them, and she was not even aware of it. Her gifts from the Lord are unfolding. "I have witnessed the simplicity and obedience of this child"said Fr. Orbos. She listens to God. She receives instructions from the Lord. At times, not even her parents Danny and Fely can understand what she goes throug

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