The time has come for the spirit of true freedom to break forth within and upon My people that they might see and know the glory that I have prepared for them to partake of, even from the beginning of the ages. The time has come for My children to take the limits off of Me, and give Me full access into their lives, even in the hidden areas, that I might bring to light their weaknesses and faults that true change might manifest and occur within them. Yes, the time has surely come for My people to stop judging others and to judge themselves that My judgment might pass over them. For much has been exposed and will continue to be exposed in My church that is not right and pleasing in My sight. For I will always give opportunity to those, once I have exposed their faults to them, to judge themselves and to repent from their unrighteousness, correcting those areas that they have used and abused Myself, My word, and other people in. It is time for realignment within My church. It is time for correction within My body. It is time for true repentance to occur, that My hand of execution might be stayed and judgment might come upon the enemy instead of upon My people who will not judge themselves. Correct this matter, My children, and correct it quickly! For even as time continues to hasten more and more, I will hasten the workings and the moving of My spirit and all who desire to partake of this revival and the glory of these final hours, will be cut upon, pruned, purged, prepared, and equipped to carry this, My very glory, even into the four corners of the earth. [extreme, xtreme, encounter]

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