I HAVE BEEN SHOT!   EMILIO PIONTES Testimony: Part 2 of 3

With a grieving mother praying for years for her wayward son, telling him time and time again: BOY: THERE IS A BETTER LIFE OUT THERE FOR YOU. Emilio finally came to the place in his life where he had a knowing that if he did not start asking God for help, God was not going to keep bailing him out of trouble. In time, Emilio came to realize that God fully accepts us and loves us unconditionally, and will forgive us if we ask Him to - no matter what we have done, and that once we realize that God loves us and accepts us just the way we are, we do not need to spend anymore time trying to find some earthly way to have those needs met. Afterall, when we stand before God on the Judgment Day and give an account to Him of our life, being loved and accepted for who we are will not have any relevance for the rest of eternity from that point on, unless our identify is in God at that moment. Is God YOUR identify? He wants it to be. This is not your typical: I WAS MESSED UP AND GOD RESCUED ME testimony, though it is that as WELL. It is an amazing story of the patience of God giving a hopeless drug addict opportunity after opportunity to surrender fully to Him while Emilio kept falling back into his old ways ... time and time again! If you think you or a loved has brought God to the end of His patience, and all hope is gone, take the time to listen to all of this testimony. It is proof that God will extend his forgiveness and mercy beyond anything we can imagine. If God will do it for Emilio, God has unlimited forgiveness, mercy and patience for every person on this planet. Of course, none of us know when our time is up either, so riding on the mercy and grace of God indefinitely as though God will never say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We pray no one reading this would be that presumptuous with God and what eternity holds in store for you. To hear all of this testimony, go to Google and click on: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Then scroll down to Emilios name.