FEARFUL KITTEN: The Rosemary Barnes Testimony: Part 1 of 4

FEARFUL KITTEN:  The Rosemary Barnes Testimony:  Part 1 of 4

Pastor Rosemary Barnes was an adopted child. God gave her a wonderful set of Christian parents, but as she grew into her teenage years and then into adulthood, her longing for affection and attention from males placed her into a life-style that was pulling her further and further into spiritual compromise. Along with a promiscuous life-style came an attraction for things of the occult. From Ouija board encounters to some eyebrow-raising experiences with a fortune teller spiritualist, Rosemary began to experience things in the spirit realm that later on opened her eyes to some realms of the demonic that she had been blinded to previously. Rosemary lived in the era of the 1960s Hippie Movement. She moved to San Francisco and immersed herself in the free-love, drugs-were-acceptable culture of that time. Yet all along, deep down inside her was a spark of love and passion for Jesus Christ that would not die out. Let us fast-forward to years later. Through one of the rockiest roads a person could travel, Rosemary eventually was to learn that demonic powers had strongholds over her life starting from infancy that only the power of the Spirit of God could reveal and destroy. Many of you reading this have addictions and bondages you want free of, but feel completely powerless to do anything about, if you will be truly honest with yourself. You may have tried rehab centers, counseling of various sorts, immersed yourself in self-help books and tapes; you name it. But STILL, you keep falling back into the same bondages that you desire deep down inside to be freed from. We encourage you to listen to Rosemarys life story. These four segments of her testimony cannot do it full justice, but the Holy Spirit can do incredible things with only a few words spoken by others. It was in January 1997 that Rosemary shared her testimony that you will be watching, and many things has changed since then, obviously. However, Rosemary and her husband, Robert, have continued to be used