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An Atmosphere for a Miracle!

Atmosphere! A word that explains so much about where we are or what we have experienced. Atmosphere speaks of the environment, the setting or the surroundings. It also speaks of the ambiance, the mood or the frame of mind people are in when in the atmosphere. Atmosphere is important to all of us and especially when in a Church service if you are wanting God to make a difference in you life.

A welder was recently sharing an experience he had while in a revival crusade with Evangelist Gary Ashcraft. He was standing in the front praying. He was seeking God regarding certain situations he was dealing with in his life. He said there was no way Evangelist Ashcraft could have known what he was praying about or what he was dealing with. Several years before the welder had a surgery on his wrist because of a complex cyst that had grown there. Now it was returning and he was concerned he might not be able to continue working as a welder. He had also been experiencing a severe pain in his side. He had not gone to the doctor to have it examined because he was afraid of what they might find.

As he was praying, sharing with God his concerns and fears, Evangelist Ashcraft came to him. The Evangelist spoke to him of the surgery he was concerned he would have to have on his wrist. He also spoke to him of the pain in his side and his concern of what it might be. The Spirit of God had revealed this to the Evangelist allowing him to minister to the welder. God touched his body as they prayed for him.

The welder noted there was an awesome presence of God in the service. There was an atmosphere where God could heal and restore. An atmosphere, a setting or frame of mind among the people in which God can heal. An ambiance or mood which entertained the presence of God allowing the faith of the people to rise to the place that God could

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