Halloween- Feast for the Beast

This day of October 31st is a night of games, parties, bobbing for apples, trick or treating for candy, and dressing up in strange costumes of the dead, ghosts, witches, and devils, but where did it all come from? What are the origins of Halloween? You'll see that it comes from Samhain, the fall festival of the Celts/Druids in honor to their pagan deities. Later, Catholicism renamed it &quot;All Saints Day&quot; as they chose to put a &quot;Christian meaning&quot; on top of these pagan customs to help &quot;win more pagans.&quot; All this did was to take the same pagan customs, and paste some new labels on it, but Deut. 12:30 says that you are NOT to be snared by following after and copying the pagan customs of the nations. Witchcraft is an abomination in the Creator's eyes. Be holy and set apart, don't take part in dressing up in costumes for candy on this day. Instead, use it to pray, witness, pass out tracks, etc.<br />

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