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For 3 months my family has been trying to get this mess resolved. They all are elderly or live over 5 hours away.I am the oly one close enough to do anything about it.I went to take pictures of the damage and to clean up graves and was met with much anger. I was told I could not be there if I had no papers to prove those where my relatives there. I asked will my birth certificate do. THEY CALLED THE COPS ON ME!! IMAGIN THAT! The cops told them I had every right to be there and needed no papers to prove it. That is when the media got involved. I am still digging out relatives graves and headstones out from under debree. The claim was he cut the trees to protect the graves. Yet there was a field he could have let the trees fall into instead of on the graves. He also stated that he did not know the graves where there. He knew because when he bought the property he had to get land plats along with the sale. He has never tried to contact family to make this right or ask for help. WE ON THE OTHER HAND HAVE CALLED FOR MONTHS! I just want to know how other feel about this. How they would feel if it were their family this happened to?

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