The Testament of Truth: Book 1/9 (Section 1/4) Clip #00005

The Testament of Truth: Book 1/9 (Section 1/4) Clip #00005

The Testament of Truth

Corrections to the Old and New Testaments by the reincarnation of Jesus Himself (read and investigate for yourself to make an informed decision). The Testament of Truth does NOT contradict itself ANYWHERE (from what I have read thus far in the first 3-4 books anyway)...

Why should you read it in its entirety? For Jesus was once purported to have said... « Remove first the log in thine own eyes before trying to remove the speck of dust from the eye of thy neighbour. » (This is the reason why I want to PERSONALLY see something for myself rather than rely solely on what I have been told by you!)

2 Peter 3:16 « For man will wrest the Scriptures unto his own (spiritual) destruction... » Caesar's men surely forced the scribes to change/alter/manipulate the Scriptures to be favourable to the systems of Caesar which continues to enslave us to this very day (never-ending taxations). Just trust me on this one. Read the Testament of Truth in its ENTIRETY (the first three books with the inner content, according to my calculations, will take up approximately 200 hours time worth of reading so plan it wisely into your schedule).

P.S.: It's not my job to "prove" anything to anybody. For those who insist that I "show them some evidence" all I can say to them is that it's their job to gather evidence for themselves as I cannot do another's exercises in order to make their muscles stronger (the only thing that matters to me anyway is my conduct in the eyes of God and not my ability to be revered before men nor religious institutions; certainly not the religion of forceful-and-coercive Caesar-style systems of government).