The TRISH MARGADONA Christian Testimony: Part 2 of 3

The pain TRISH carried inside her from the trauma she experienced growing up was reason enough, she felt, to justify staying stoned every waking moment of her life. A quart of hard liquor a DAY was just the tip of the iceberg to help numb her brain. Narcotics were taken along with the alcohol, just to help try to find some peace inside.

As you view this testimony, one has to be amazed that Trish is even ALIVE to share it, what with all the poison she put into her body.

There will be many watching this testimony who will be able to identify to one degree or another with the homelife Trish had growing up, and her attempts to cope with the pain she was carrying into adulthood. We hope these people will watch all three parts of this testimony, because one has to hear the end of Part 3 to hear the most priceless words Trish shares.

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