Shannon Ethridge on Loving Jesus Without Limits

What would it be like to know without even a glimmer of doubt that you are lovedâ??truly, passionately, deeplyâ??just as you are? Can you imagine your heart being completely entwined with one whose every word to you reveals tender affection?<br />

<br />
When an unimaginable accident forced then-sixteen-year-old Shannon Ethridge to consider if such an intimate, meaningful soul connection was even possible, she discovered this incredible truth: <br />
<br />
The Creator of the universe woos and pursues you with unimaginable passion. <br />
He longs for you to be completely His.<br />
As she reveals, for the first time ever in print, the details of her dramatic, face-to-face encounter with the Lover of her soul, Shannon points the way toward a satisfying, vibrant relationship with Jesus.<br />
<br />
Completely His and the companion devotionals in the Loving Jesus Without Limits series combine practical insights with powerful personal stories from women just like you to help you embrace your true worth and lead you into a life of greater joy and purpose than youâ??ve ever thought possible.

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