Pt1-Key of David vs Keys of the Kingdom

Authority in the Church. The Key of David. The keys of the Kingdom. Who has these things? Binding and Loosing. Who is authorized to do this and for what reasons? Multiple patterns of spiritual government function and the work of the ministry. Hot topics that millions of Christians have questions on but find little answers or agreement. Apostle JoAnne assists the Church with these difficult issues and puts to rest the claim of some who say they possess the Key of David as she reveals the difference between the Key of David and the keys of the Kingdom, who is the steward of God's House under the New Covenant and the pattern of stewardship Christ has set for this dispensation. A very informative 2 part teaching that reveals why Moses was a prophet used of God to bring Israel out of Egypt but was disqualified to lead them into the Promised Land. Additional points of study are how God gave King David revelation to change the order of the house of God and the service of worship, but David was not used of God to build it, rather another who came after him, Solomon. This teaching video also covers the keys of the kingdom Jesus gave and in this Apostle JoAnne removes the confusion around the binding and loosing scriptures and identifies exactly who is authorized to do this, for what purposes and how this is connected to the keys Jesus gave and to whom He gave them to. If you are a believer or a Christian leader who desires answers to these often mishandled and misinterpreted points, or just want to know more about the pattern of New Covenant spiritual government then you will enjoy another rich teaching from the Apostles' Office. For a full education to the New Covenant and spiriutal government that is FREE of Charge, enroll today at the Apostles' Center International School of Ministry. Pastors and believers from around the US and abroad are hearing about the Great Transition back to the New Covenant and enrolling themselves and returning

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