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Aveenu (Our Father)

The Lord's Prayer or "The Disciples Prayer" sung in Hebrew. Although Yeshua (Jesus) probably spoke Aramaic and some Koine Greek in everyday life, according to Jewish tradition the Torah, the Prophets, and prayers were recited or chanted in Hebrew as they are today. That's the reason behind my deciding to write this song in Hebrew rather than Aramaic. Note that " l'dai Masah" means lead us not into the "hands of Masah", referring to the Israelites grumbling at Masah in the desert."<br /><br />

<br /><br />

I asked my ten year old grand daughter if she would listen to this new song I had written called, "Aveenu" or "Our Father", which was the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew. I first spoke the words in Hebrew and then told her what they meant in English. I then picked up my guitar, closed my eyes and prayed, singing this song, "Aveenu"--the Lord's Prayer--in Hebrew. When I opened my eyes, she had big fat tears rolling down her little cheeks. The beauty and the power of the song sung in Hebrew had touched her heart, Holy Spirit to spirit. Not that the Lord doesn't use English and other languages. Of course He does. There's just something special about this once dead to everyday language that God has resurrected in these last days.<br /><br />


USAGE: Use as is or turn off the volume and have your praise band play it live with the video as a backdrop. Features Hebrew transliteration with English subtitles. Includes the "Blessing of the Messiah" prayer at the end.<br /><br />

Run time: 3:40<br /><br />

CREDITS: Song written and performed by Christene Jackman (c) 2008. All Rights Reserved. Video by Fringers Sphere. Some sheep image by Carmem L Vilanova.

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