Genesis_Run to You_Third Day

Genesis_Run to You_Third Day


The ending/second song is my intro for now...It doesn't actually go with the vid. Just thought i'd let ya know.

Ok it starts out with Genesis remembering things that he regrets in his past (Black and white clips). And its like hes been keeping his black wing as a secret from everyone. And so he decides to show everyone what he has become, a monster. Sephiroth didnt take it very lightly. So then Sephiroth walked away cause he knew where Genesis would go. Well Genesis decides to fly away because everyone kinda looked down on him.

When Genesis landed, there was Sephiroth and Genesis couldnt believe what was going to happen, he would have to fight his best friend. So then, Genesis had some more flash backs of when he showed them his wing.and now he wished he hadnt. Well Sephiroth tells Genesis that he can go ahead and give up or be destroyed.But Genesis doesnt back down from they fight.Genesis gets injured and falls to the ground. Sephiroth tells him to get up. And so Genesis picks up his sword. He asks Sephiroth why he was doing this. And Sephiroth tells him, To rid the world of your kind.

Then, Genesis remembers that he used to have a close relationship with God..but he walked away from God after a while And thats the main thing that he regrets. And he wants to change that. And so he does something that he would never away.from the fight and even.. Sephiroth, his used to be best and closest friend. And Genesis did fly away and when he landed, he was exhaustedand he fell to the ground He asked God for help. He didnt really think that God would help him though. And so while Genesis lies on the ground, hes thinking that he cant really go anywhere or to anyone for help if he survives. But he gets up cause he doesnt like feeling weak, but he was more tired than what he thought. So after he gets up, he falls over a ledge. But hes too weak to do anything. Well after he falls, a white wing is shone signifyi