You must to have a cup-bearing Mentality

Sermon Text: John 18:1-11

Being betrayed by a brother or fellow Christian can bring about some very drastic and often times disturbing emotions within all of us- but if you add pressure, insecurity and loneliness to the situation then you have a powder keg on your hands.

But in today's lesson Christ teaches us not to blow up in bad situations but rather to submit to the necessary trials of life when it comes to fulfilling our purpose or destiny. In our lesson we see how Jesus submitted to being separated from the disciples and led away by the Roman and Jewish soldiers as they prepared for Him to be crucified. Jesus did not run or wilt from the pressure of what He was facing. He did not even get flustered when Peter cut of Malchus's ear. He simply told him to put his sword up because He knew He had to drink from the cup that God had assigned Him.

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