The Love Secret Of The High Priest's Garments

The Bible states that today, Jesus is your High Priest, your representative before God. As He is, so are you in this world. Is Jesus accepted before God? Is He favoured by God? Then so are you! Through four powerful sermons by Joseph Prince, you will experience

the riches of God's Word and see how the person of Jesus Christ is concealed in the Old Testament, and beautifully revealed in the New Testament. Discover how every aspect of the High Priest's garments from the precious gems on the breastplate, to the golden
bells along its hem, brims with hidden truths about the glory, the wisdom and the love of Jesus. Watch as Joseph Prince brings difficult Bible passages to life with the help of a replica of the biblical robes. 2 DVDs (4 Sermons, Approx. total duration: 4hr
33 min) Disc 1 - Jesus As Our Real Identity (Approx. 1hr 11min) - He Gave Us His Beauty And Made Us A Part Of His Beauty (Approx. 58min) Disc 2 - Pray Perfect Prayers Through Your High Priest (Approx. 1hr 01min) - The Significance Of The Bells, Pomegranates,
Urim And Thummin (Approx. 1hr 23min) Available at www.josephprince.or

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