WHY I WANTED TO BE A BOY: The CARLA HARSHMAN Christian Testimony: Part 4 of 4

Seeking out ones identify is the process by which we grow to perceive ourselves as others perceive us, and/or how we DESIRE others to perceive us. Failure to understand the CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE of how we perceive ourselves can takes us down paths of emotional torment where pain can know few limits.

Each of us were made by God to have a GODLY IDENTITY, were you aware of that? Anything other than having a Godly identity -- a Godly perception of ourselves -- GODS perception of us, really -- is robbing us of the healthy and fulfilling joy and peace we can have, once we are aware of that fact.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for MORE than just our sins. He died on the cross so we could have our identity in GOD. Not some second-hand substitute identity!

Please take the time to hear what David and Carla share on all 4 - Parts of this video series. Once they came to the realization that they could have GOD as their identity, they became FREE from the second-rate identity this cruel world handed them, and they have now been set on a course to help OTHERS find the VERY BEST identify God has available for each of us.

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