Pt3-Escaping Self Empowerment Gospels

In part 3 of of this 3 part message on Escaping the Self Empowerment Gospels, Apostle JoAnne Cremer assists the Church by identifying and explaining the very core false doctrine that has caused the Church to stray from Jesus Christ and His Covenant to where they have been seduced to make an idol of Him in their hearts by listening to the voice that counterfeits the Spirit through gospels that empower the soul to sin by validating the conscience, the imagination and the aspiration. This is an eye opening expose on how seduction works to cause Christians to sin against God while thinking they are serving Him, and also hope, encouragement and direction for what you can do to escape these gospels and learn how to please God perfectly each day through the light and easy worship tools of the New Covenant. May your heart be enlightened by the power of the throne God. -Note from Apostle JoAnne: I want to personally thank you for taking the time to listen to this 3 part message. Truly this is an hour where God is giving strong grace to unfold the Mystery of Christ and to explain and expose the Mystery of Iniquity also, that Christians may flee from the spirit of Antichrist and come and heed the voice of grace to yield to His Spirit and work with the true ministers of righteousness for their spiritual growth. If you desire to obey the call of the Spirit to learn the original blueprint for faith I invite you today to enroll in the Apostles School. We�ll set the original record of Christ in you and give you rich and nourishing mentorship all free of charge. Don�t be fooled by those who entice you through free e-courses to journey through the bible or charge you thousands of dollars for the gospel or for ministry training. We are not here to put you on another journey or take your money from you. We are here to be helpers of your joy by getting you off of the jour

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