Death Trap

John 10:4 - Jesus taught his disciples that they have an uncanny ability to discern his voice (1). Even in the Lord's Prayer, Jesus taught us to pray "LEAD us not into temptation (2). In others words, He presumed that we already knew that God was in fact leading us. It is our responsibility to identify God's voice in our hearts, and then follow His direction. If we don't train ourselves by practice to listen to His voice, then we will wander off into danger. Furthermore, the Bible explains to stay under God's protective shadow requires dwelling in the Most High's shelter (3). In other words, God must remain first place (Most High) in our lives to remain secure His protection. The Bible teaches that we must have faith to please God (4). Faith is needed to be able to hear from God. If we don't really believe God is speaking to us, then we won't listen. Not listening to God puts us into bad situations. If this describes you, don't blame God for it since He didn't in fact lead you there because you just weren't listening. Even in the bad situation (not for the bad situation, but in it) thank him that you can start listening to Him, so He can lead you to a place of escape. We are told to know God's will (5), and not to know it or do it is a BIG mistake. If you've NOT been listening to God's voice, don't attribute to God your current predicament. Your situation may be just a dumb mistake caused by not listening to Him(6). Don't attribute EVERYTHING to the will of God. If we do this, we're really pointing our finger at God's saying it's your fault while accepting NO blame for not listening to Him. We should look into the mirror saying I blew it because I just wasn't listening to HIM. Furthermore, don't redefine good and evil. Since we all know the difference, it is a miscarriage of justice to redefine the two. Jesus taught that EVERYONE knows what good and evil really is when He said that even evil people know how to give good gifts (7).

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