Liberation Talk Show, with Pastor Bob Latson

"Liberation Talk Show", with Pastor Bob Latson, is TELEVISION Ministerial "Crystal Award Winnining - (Interfaith Category) Television Outreach Media, Targeting Those in Need of and Want Help from Strong Holds, Such as: Drugs, Alchoholism, HOMOSEXUALITY, PROS!#UTION, BITTERNESS, UNFORGIVENESS, Just PERVERSION IN ALL FORMS!! Liberation Consist of Local And National/Global Talent That Have Graced our Platforms!! We Have had "DOONEY" Priest Of The Streets, Also: Benita Arterberry Burns, One Of The Praise and Worshippers On "CELEBRATION", Marcus And Joni Lamb Producers. Come Join us and Worship The Lord!! Visit the Site and Here me sing: "NO More BROKEN Pieces" and That Means YOU!!

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