40 Day Fast~Day 38 4/09/09 Pastor Tom Lawson

40 Day Fast~Day 38 4/09/09 Pastor Tom Lawson

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Day 38 April 9th

That was an awesome time last night at the healing service. We had a powerful pre-service prayer time. Ive never been to one like that in our history. It gives me hope for the future that we are a praying church and we are being release into our destiny.

The healing service was a success. Many people were ministered to. It was also fun watching other do the ministry time. We have more people then I realized that love to pray for people. It is just a matter of letting you wild horses run.

We are coming into our own time. Rise up mighty men and women of God. You were born for such a day as this. The anointing of The Holy Spirit is upon YOU.

Rise Up to Your Call,

Pastor Tom

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