40 Day Fast!! Day 31~4/02/09 Pastor Tom Lawson

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Day 31 April 2nd

It was a good day. I felt better today then I have for a while. Still a little weird in my sinuses but we put water on the stove and maybe the extra moisture in the air will make a difference. I got to hang out with the pastors that drink coffee. I love that meeting because those guys speak life into me. There is just something about hanging out with other senior pastors that is fulfilling. Then I got to get a hair cut. Thanks Candy. Hey the healing service is coming together. It is going to be at WVFC, 5802 Summitview Suite 150, Yakima, WA. The service will be at 7:00 on Thursday April 9th. I still need intercessors. Please let me know if you are available. We will pray from 6:00 pm till 7:00 pm and then once we begin to minister, I will have you surround the sanctuary and intercede on behalf of those being ministered to. Lets watch God glorify His name by healing people. Continue to pray for the service. Invite people who need healing. The following night we will be showing The Passion of Christ at the Chuch at 7:00 pm. All are invited. My word tonight is for the ladies. Judges 14:15b Entice your husband, that he may explain the riddle to us or else we will burn you and your fathers house with fire. Now this gal was going to marry the strongest man in the world and she was deceived by fear to manipulate her husband. Eve was deceived in the garden; if you want to be like God. She was already like God made in His image. Wives dont be deceived by fear and manipulate. You are married to the strongest man in the world. He will protect you. Follow him. Speak into him respectfully what you want him to be and watch him raise to that level. God Bless You, Pastor Tom

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