Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronaut Says Pre-Scripted One-Liners About Disney's Fake Dog Rock

Astronaut Says Pre-Scripted One-Liners About Disney's Fake Dog Rock.Astronaut Jack says at :10 "Man if there ever was a, I'm not gonna say it, but if there ever was something that looked like a Funeral Alteration, this is it."(Astronaut Jack referring to Disney's Fake Dog Shaped Rock, says that the obvious look of the Dog Shaped Rock, and Astronaut Gene's soon to come pre-scripted one-liners referring to Disney's Dog Rock, if not changed, will end up being the death of the Moon Landing Hoax Deception.)Astronaut Gene says at :18 "Ah never mind Bob, I'm gonna go to standby(waiting for his acting cue) I've got to get my moment."As the TV Camera pans around looking at Astronaut Gene in front of the Dog Rock, waiting for his acting cue, at :28 people are heard laughing in the background at Houston. Houston says at :41 "Ok we are constraint limited(of time) at this stop however"The Houston manager replies at :46 "This(Watching Gene's pre-scripted acting in front of the Dog Rock) will take precedence over anything else." Astronaut Jack says at :50 "What's wrong with the TV, aren't you watching it?"(Gene doing his pre-scripted acting)Astronaut Gene gets his moment in the spotlight:Astronaut Gene says at :58 "Ok Bob I'll get a, a hand(Paw), a sample, of Dog, I'll sample it by hand."Gene says at 1:14 "I better start getting dust again, well I, I might be Allergic in a second ok."Gene says at 1:31 "Bob the bottom of the ah, upper cores also...Dog." Bob at Houston replies "Copy that."Bob at Houston says at 1:41 "Smells a little scent"The Astronaut says at 2:04 "Yea like ya might expect, the top of the bottom Paws soft too." Houston replies "How about that"The Astronaut says at 2:12 "Bite"Bob at Houston says at 2:15 "And the one problem with this station Jack is not that ah, we find it a high priority to see this Face(on Disney's Fak

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