Donna Lee_I Regret My Abortion - On January 13, 1986 I had an abortion. A decision that I would come to regret for the rest of my life. I have had many experiences of healing through God's infinite love and mercy over the years. I named my daughter Elizabeth. I believe that she was a girl. God has confirmed this over the years many times. This song is a gift from my daughter. The song is called "Whispers From Heaven". It is an aborted child speaking to her mother from heaven. It is a gift from my daughter. The words were written by a nun and I wrote the music. It has brought healing to many women who regret having an abortion. This is my ministry. To tell others about God's mercy and forgiveness. My healing started when I went to confession two years after my abortion. May God have mercy on us all. This song and the CD are available at itunes.

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