40 Day Fast!! Day 18~3/20/09 Pastor Tom Lawson

Follow the fast... http://tomsfast.com Here are Tom's own words...

Day 18 March 20th

Today when I woke up I had just a little soar throat. And through out the day none but a little bit at night time. Praise God I am being heal from a cold in one week.

I had an interview this morning that will run tonight on KNDO/KNDU. I won't get to see it because I will be at the mens retreat.

Pastor Justin was my Chauffer down to Wild Horse Young Life camp. We got here around 5pm. They had barbequed hamburger, salmon, sausage dogs, hot dogs, macaroni salad, potato salad, chocolate chip, malaises cookies and red licorice. But really does it matter?

The worship was loud and rockin. The message was great. I love Jeff.

Be praying for us men that we will have a life changing experience at this retreat.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Pastor Tom

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