Dog performing Blindfolded

I had trained my sheltie Taz to sit with a blindfold on his face for another trick that we did, and one day after performing it, another trainer came to me and said: "Now, if he did the WHOLE trick blindfolded, that would truly be amazing!" Well, my immediate thought was that no way any dog would do something with a blindfold on, it was hard enough just to get them to sit and wear one! But I thought, what the heck, I'll try it and see. So I asked my dog to wave with the blindfold on and of course, he immediately pulled it off with his foot. I tried again and amazingly after a couple tries, he left it on and did the trick! Much treats and praise ensued and before long, I was seeing how much I could get him to do. This video is our first public performance of the whole routine. When we got there I was shocked at the noise level and number of people in the tiny auditorium and once again I thought, no way my dog is going to do this in a strange place with all this noise! I had to just trust in God and the ability my dog had and his own trust in me to keep him safe, and our performance went perfectly! Remember that if you trust in God, all things are possible!

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