Apple of Your Eye (In-Deep Worship I - 20 Jun 08)

Apple of Your Eye (written by Samantha Lim, Grace Assembly of God, Singapore) sung Phyline Yeo (Christ Methodist Church worship team) at In-Deep Worship I on Fri 20 Jun 08 at Christ Methodist Church.

Apple of Your Eye

Copyright Samantha Lim 2006

Verse 1: When I'm singing 'cause I'm happy You sing with me too, You say that I am Your delight, the apple of Your eye, And when I'm down in the valleys I'm not far from You, You never let me out of sight, even if I tried, And just like before You call me Yours

Chorus: Where can I run from Your all-seeing eye? How can I hide when Your presence's passing by, Oh, You search me, You know me, I'm Your wonderful design, And I am the apple of Your eye

Verse 2: So when the walls come crashing down on me I'll look to You, For though my flesh and my heart may fail, Your love will still prevail, And I'll rest in the promise You know what to do, You'll hold me close by Your side, closer when I cry, And just like before You call me Yours

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