Divine Mercy ... the hiding place

www.catholicscomehome.org/<Music by John Michael Talbot<www.johnmichaeltalbot.com/You are my hiding place, O Lord<You saved me in my distress<You are my hiding place<You save me from distress<You surround my soul<With cries of deliverance<.Let every good man pray to you In his hour of need<Flood waters may reach high< But him they shall not reach<Let every good man pray<In his hour of need<CH: You are my hiding place, O Lord<You gaze into the secrets of my soul<.A hidden secret wastes my frame<I groan through the night and cry<Through the day<I will confess my sin<br />

My guilt I will not hide<I will confess my pride<bAnd God will forgive<You are my Hiding place, O Lord

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