We All Need Love by D'Ashley

We All Need Love by  D'Ashley

The scene is set in London, but it could be any city in the world. The story is based around a women looking for love through her own initiative. She is longing to be united with her soul mate and partner for life. She gets caught up like many of us do, in the persuit but she is not fully persuaded that she would ever find someone suitable. The players and the rest are not what she wants. The video concludes (but the story is to be continued...) with what seemed to be right from both parties ending so wrong, when she realises the love of her life has a weakness....??

Shot over 4months with one video camera and a budget of $200 or 100.00 sterling pounds this production was filmed, directed, edited, produced and featured Darren A.Wallace AKA 'D'Ashley' who also wrote and performed the song 'We All Need Love'