Under His Wings - Evidence of Knoxville, Tennessee

Here is another fine Song that I would like to present to You by My Friends Evidence of Knoxville, Tennessee called "Under His Wings". Evidence consists of Buddy and JoJo Coppock(Husband and Wife) and Diana Walker.

Folks, whether We are Born Again Christian Believers or Still wandering around in the Wilderness in the Bondage of Sin, God covers Everyone Under Those Magnificient Wings of His and Loves Us Un-Conditionally!!.

Everyone of Us that are Professing Christians should Love our Fellow Brothers and Sisters Un-Conditionally without barriers to Race, Color of Skin as Everyone Represents a Living Soul and God cares for that Living Soul and We should Also!.

Buddy, JoJo and Diana, have that Un-Conditional Love for their fellow Man and that is one of the reasons I am their Promoter and Booking Represenative. They Sing and write Songs with a Purpose and a Meaning and Under the Leadership of the Holy Spirit!. My Website is www.southerngospeloutreach.com

Their Website is www.evidencepuregospel.com and their Latest Project is called " Under His Wings" and would make a nice Gift for a Friend or a Loved one as it contains the Title Song and 9 others which include these 4 here on Tangle!. So Order two or three extra for "Gift Giving".

Evidence is a "Featured" Ministry of "Heir Wave" Internet Radio www.heirwaveradio.com out of Yukon, Oklahoma and Clarksville, Texas. I am the Promotions Director and Co-Partner at "Heir Wave" Radio. Evidence, is one of our Popular and Requested Groups and definitely "Crowd Pleasers".

I reccomend them to any Pastor, Music Minister, Festival/Event Director of "Legit and Respectable" Promoter for that Special Church Service or Event as they would be Your "Crowd Pleasers" as well and You would be asked to have them Return at a later date!.

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