This is Not a Dress Rehearsal!

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal!

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The urgency of the hour has never been more real!

Being politically correct is quickly going out of style.

Remaining neutral is no longer an option.

Whether you are in church, out of church, have never been to church,

or have given up on church, This is Not a Dress Rehearsal! will answer

the burning questions you may be asking in these end times.

Have you ever asked what is "missing" in the church today?

What does it really mean to be born again?

What two things are God's will for every single one of us?

What does it take to be an overcomer?

These questions and many others are answered in this book...

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

This is not a fire drill! The Final Act has already begun...

Only two questions remain...

Where do you fit in the last days' drama and

Are you ready for Jesus' return?