The cost? - Received November 19, 2009

The cost? - Received November 19, 2009

My child have you ever thought about the cost of following Me? It is not easy. The Door is narrow and you must strive very hard to enter through it. The way is difficult but will be worth it at the end. You will never regret that it cost you many things along the way that you gave up for Me and My Kingdom's sake. Nothing will be in vain, I will reward each and every one at the end.

My child it will cost you to follow Me all the way to the end. It also cost Me, My life, which I gave for the whole world so that all who come to repentance may have eternal life, if they accept and follow Me. Only few accept My invitation and know who I really am. Many deny Me now and I will also deny them in that day, it will cost them eternity with Me. Those who accept Me, know that it will cost them, they will have to pay a price for their choice and obedience to Me. You can lose many things even your family, friends, job whatever the price might be. Be willing to lose even your own life for Me and My Kingdom.

No one, after putting his hand to the plow and keeps looking back, is fit for My Kingdom. My soul will have no pleasure in him.

There is a cost when you choose to follow and obey Me, but nothing is in vain and you will never be disappointed. My child if you endure to the end you will receive the prize. The cost will be worth it.

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