Children TV Series / The BURNNIE Show / Episode 13 / BURNNIE the Borrower /


Children's FAITH-BASED television series currently in production.

Target age Elementary / Kindergarten to Fifth Grade
One puppet and a live actor cast

Steve and Faith Treague are the founders of RTC Inc. / Reaching the Children Ministires.  They have been performing since 1981 throughout the United States.  Steve and Faith are the winners of the Covenant Award and the Silver CINDY for excellence in media broadcast resulting from their previous radio and television work.  

The newest project of RTC is "The BURNNIE Show" with one puppet character and a live actor cast.  This children's television series has recently won the Dove Family Seal of Approval. 

* The Victory Television Network  will air weekly in Arkansas beginning in August.  
* The TCT tv network is airing The BURNNIE Show five times weekly. 
* DOERS tv features The BURNNIE Show on their internet site.  
* Parables HD will broadcast The BURNNIE Show beginning in October. 

The BURNNIE Show might be a consideration for YOUR viewing audience.  
Contact Reaching the Children Ministries:  
[email protected]

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