The enemy knows

The enemy knows - Received October 27, 2009

My child do not allow the enemy to sidetrack you, there is no time to take any chances at all. You must be ready all the time, it is the last days and time is running out. The devil is out there to destroy as many as possible, do not become one of his victims. He is defeated not you, you are victorious in Me. Be on the alert all the time, do not give him any foothold, resist him until he flees from you. The enemy knows his time is very short.

Draw closer to Me, stay focused and do not stray at all. Satan wants you to stumble, to get you off course and to stop, do not allow him. Take a stand, be steadfast, watch and pray all the time. Listen to My Spirit, who will warn you, do what My Spirit instructs you. Be obedient, do not listen to satan's lies, he is out there like a roaring lion, he knows his time is very short now and he will do anything possible to get you away from Me.

Be vigilant all the time, do not stop or give up at all, but endure and press on forward, no matter the situation. The end will come at My appointed time and you will never be disappointed. I am faithful and will not fail you. The enemy knows it and he will lie to you and try anything to get you away from Me, right to the end. He is the father of all lies, a thief and a murderer and wants to steal life from you. Do not allow him, stay with Me, be steadfast.

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