The ATP Synthase Enzyme – an exquisite motor necessary for first life

Electron transport and ATP synthesis during photosynthesis – Illustration

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The inner life of a cell - Harvard University - video

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Map Of Major Metabolic Pathways In A Cell - Diagram

Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock? – Oct. 2009

Excerpt: "There is no doubt that the progenitor of all life on Earth, the common ancestor, possessed DNA, RNA and proteins, a universal genetic code, ribosomes (the protein-building factories), ATP and a proton-powered enzyme for making ATP. The detailed mechanisms for reading off DNA and converting genes into proteins were also in place. In short, then, the last common ancestor of all life looks pretty much like a modern cell."

The Cell - A World Of Complexity Darwin Never Dreamed Of - Donald E. Johnson - video

Biological Information: The Puzzle of Life that Darwinism Hasn't Solved - Stephen C. Meyer

Thus, as my book Signature in the Cell shows, Joyce's experiments not only demonstrate that self-replication itself depends upon information-rich molecules, but they also confirm that intelligent design is the only known means by which information arises.

The Cell as a Collection of Protein Machines

"We have always underestimated cells. Undo

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