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Anti Christian Historical Bias

This is only a trailer. For the full teaching click http://streamit.tv/?embedcode=Q5OGdlMToYxEUHxm913AxAY8-YnBWsTp&version=2
\r\nIn this shocking teaching, Stphen Willams (founder of Prepare the Way Ministries) talks about how society in general and the public school system in particular is censoring Christian material out of the history books, changing the facts of history, rather than acknowledging the founding father\'s religious affiliations.
\r\nHe talks about how this can happen, and how even well meaning people can be misinformed. He talks about the importance of primary source documents and the origination of the concept "Seperation of church and state."
\r\nAs a public school teacher, Stephen was censored for using primary source documents with Christian references while teaching US history. He was prevented from teaching a lesson on the Declaration of INdependence using wWilliam Penn\'s "Frame fo Government" and Samuel Adams\'s "The Rights of the Colonists." His story was covered on Fox News and Stephen became a guest on Hannity and Colmes.

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