African American Pastor to hold Pro-Life event on Martin Luther King Day

On Martin Luther King Day 2011, a group of black pastors is planning a Festival for Life for "Civil Rights Day" January 17, which will take place at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Joseph ParkerPastor Joseph Parker of Campbell Chapel

African Methodist Episcopal Church in Pulaski, Tennessee, one of the leaders of the festival, deems it appropriate to hold the pro-life event on a day that honors the slain civil rights leader "in that in reality, the issue of standing for life and against
abortion...really of, if not the most serious civil rights issues that we've ever faced in the history of our nation." Several pro-life films will be shown at the festival. Life Dynamics' documentary, Maafa 21, which proves the abortion industry's
genocide of black babies, will be among them. To view trailer for Maafa21 (Black Genocide in 21st Century America) go here

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