Love Shine Through The Poverty by Joe Monto

Drove down the off ramp saw a man holding his sign //

Said he wanted work for food //

Didnt want to give him a dime//

Instead of grabbing my wallet, I locked my car doors //

As I went by he looked in my eyes //

No mercy for the poor //


You & I can make a difference //

In the lives of someone else //

Just look into their eyes //

And see whats inside //


Reaching out & helping someone //

Caring for another human //

Puts a smile on their face //

Love shine through the poverty //


She wears ragged clothes, nobody knows, her name //

As she sleeps in the cold, she looks back to where she came //

Remembering mommy & daddy & the love they used to give //

Long forgotten dream now shes got no place to live //

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