The Happening by Leonard Hoffman

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a true supernatural encounter with God? What questions would you ask Him? Has it ever bothered you that you were taught that God is always good and yet He sent His son to die a horrible death on the cross? How can you trust Him to be good for you? Through John, one of the characters in The Happening, the reader meets Creator God who is full of wonders, majesty, and mystery beyond human ability to comprehend and yet is understandable through personal encounter. Not only are the possibilities of such a personal supernatural experience brought forth, but many of questions about God and His Divine Nature will be examined. Through a series of visions, other characters in The Happening find simple, easy to understand answers to some of the theological issues that have plagued scholars for decades such as: How God uses the circumstances of daily life to reveal His Divine Nature to those who simply look for Him.

The Happening is a must-read of all who are looking for a God who is greater than religion and find that they are not satisfied with the usual religious clichés. Readers will find that the wonderfully mysterious, joyous encounters of the characters in The Happening will kindle a fire deep within their heart to experience their own Happening.

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