Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

Wake Up

Video clips from the 'Passion of the Christ'. This is to all people & friends that don't believe that there is a living God. He went through this mocking punishment for you, your family, your friends, your enemies, & even people around the world you don't know. Now take a second & think about this. Would you be willing to go through all this for a loved one? A friend? Or even an enemy?

Well Jesus took his life for us & our sins. All's he asks is for you in return to follow him & spread his love and glory. I hope this video means something to everyone that watches it. On Judgement Day you'll meet face to face with the one they call the 'Lord' & I pray that you have accepted him into your heart. Because this life you're living right now is just a test, a sample, of what is to come in Heaven. The only thing holding you back from Heaven, eternal life, is accepting Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior & becoming his disciple in love.

P.S. Send this to a friend, relative, someone who means something to you. Make it like a chain email or letter.

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