Prophecy I restore broken vessels - Received August 21, 2009

Prophecy I restore broken vessels – Received August 21, 2009

Listen to Me, I am the only One who is able to restore a broken vessel completely, so that nobody would know it was broken. I have a plan and a purpose for every broken vessel that I restore. No one is too broken for Me to fix, I do the impossible.

For man a broken pot is of no use, they dump it. Not for Me, I am able and will restore it completely. I collect all the pieces, one by one and put it together with great care, love and patience until it is perfectly fixed.

Do you feel like a broken, cracked vessel, that you are of no use or value to anybody, irreparable, useless, rejected by others? I have good news for you. Come to Me, I will make you whole again. No matter how broken you are. I can fix you up to be a vessel of honor in My Kingdom to do My will. Just come to Me as you are and I will fix you.

I will restore you, trust Me and let Me fix you. Come to Me while you still have the opportunity. You will never be disappointed, you will never look back, I can do the impossible. Rely on Me to fix you, just come to Me. I restore broken vessels.

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