BE the Church, stop attending

Center Point Communities exists to create a venue within the Social Rhythms of life where the gospel is incorporated and God is allowed to move... Tired of merely attending the church and want to BE the church? This may be for you. We have a desire to see people experience Jesus in our own neighborhoods.

Interested in starting up your own social rhythm.. we would love to hear from you and send you our information/training opportunities (don't worry it is free).. We also teach, train and equip congregations who understand that their common institutional church isn't cutting it and are looking for more ..

Our desire is to continue to expand! Within 2 weeks of the vision being implemented we have had people begin working on forming social rhythms in:

Long Beach: Hiking, Nature, Outdoors. Experiencing God's creation to the fullest. This Social Rhythm is for you

Orange: Enjoy the feeling of riding a chopper on the open road? Appreciate the art of custom chopper work? Think messing around with motors looks cool? Are you a collector or enjoy looking at skin art? This Social Rhythm is held in a Custom Chopper Shop. Enjoy Prayer, Hanging Out, Working on Your Bike and Enjoy Live Music From Local Bands. Come with questions, leave fulfilled

Anaheim: Enjoy FREE FOOD, come join us as we eat a free meal every Thursday in a home and experience a community of people from all over orange county. Children, Teenagers, Singles, Dating, Engaged, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Elderly (You are all welcome, we each have an experience that someone can learn from)

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