What I Want For Christmas

This song is simply a prayer that God would help us all remember WHO this season is about. I pray that it blesses you. Please share it with believer & unbeliever friends alike - that God may call many back to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas this year.

God Bless You,

Dale Sebastian Becker



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In this video:

Dale Sebastian Becker

Linda McCrary-Fisher

Steve WIlliams (Keyboards/Arranging)

John Ferraro (Drums)

Jerry Watts (Bass)

Richie Gajate Garcia (Percussion)

Bernie Becker (Mixing Engineer)

Ed Woolley (Recording Engineer)

Aaron Field (Assistant Recording Engineer)

Daniel Marsland (Production Assistant)

Produced By Dale Sebastian Becker & Steve E. WIlliams

Steve E. Williams appears courtesy of Keys of the KIngdom Music

Accompanying Video By Nancy Becker

Song Copyright 2009 Dale Sebastian Becker (Passacaglia Music Productions)

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