Sometimes When We Are Lonely -- A Song by Rich Thornton

Rich Thornton wrote this song in January 2010. The Worship Team shared this at Friendship Community Church, Dover, PA, on January 17, 2010.

Sometimes when we are lonely

Sometimes when we despair

That's when we say "if only,"

"If only there was somebody there"

We feel that our past is present

We can't leave our hurts behind

Powerless to move forward

Hopelessness controlling our mind

It feels like we have no choice

but to stumble and fall

Then we hear a quiet voice

the best solution of all

But admitting that we have problems

is so hard for us to do

Trusting in God to solve them

wondering what else we can do

And God says

"Just humble yourself,

and put your hope in me

I've got a plan for you,

find how good life can be"

Thank You there is somebody there

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