FedCURE On PBS: Federal Parole and Re-entry

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

It has been five long years since we posted this video and since that time over 5,000 folks have viewed this page and some 3,300 have viewed this FedCURE/PBS video. As many of you know and what we have learned, many may not, Congress abandoned parole for all federal offenses committed after 01 November 1987. FedCURE co-authored the last three federal parole and good time allowance bills in the 108th, 109th and 111th Congress with Rep. Danny Davis (D-ILL). In five years since, the federal inmate population has grown from 200,000 to 220,000. Our goal is to reduce the inmate population and recidivisim by half.

To this end, FedCURE continues its work, speaking and educating in all corners, to enact the BARBER AMENDMENT ~ legislation to establish a hybrid system of parole and increased good time allowances; repeal mandatory minimum sentences; fast track compassionate release for terminally ill inmates; restore PELL grants; and develop 'White House Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships Reentry Programs,' for all federal offenders; and promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release.

With your help and our faith if God, together, this will be done.

Please come and visit us to learn more and to find out how you can help.

Your Brother in Christ,

Mark A. Varca, J.D., Chairman


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